Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ice Baths

Kinda weird that I just posted about ice baths and then the next
morning there was an article in the paper about them.
The article was about a book called, The Runners Rule Book: Everything
a runner needs to know - and then some, by Mark Remy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recovery Hurts

Been a little sore the last couple of days for some reason. I was told
to try taking ice baths so I figured what the heck. Yea, it's a little
chilly but I think it's actually working. Today was the first day that
I was able to walk around half way normal. As fun as these baths are,
I think I've had enough of them.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tri-Cities Marathon

This is the trophy/plaque that the first place runner got. Oh by the way, it was not me.

Heres the finish line about an hour after I finished (after my massage and Starbucks). I did somehow finish. I believe it was due to all the training I put in the five weeks prior to the race. I logged somewhere between 9 and 11 miles in that time. I stuck to my plan, which was to run at a 7:10-7:15 pace. The first 19.5 miles I averaged a 7:08 pace. After mile 20, I started to fall apart. It felt like I was on ice skates, I could not lift my feet more than a few centimeters off the ground. I must have been doing ok, even though my pace was starting the slip, I was able to pass a few people in the last 4 miles. Miles 22 to 25 were tough. My legs were starting to cramp and had to pay attention to the road and not trip over any leaves or sticks on the road. About mile 25 I was able to get back to my 7:15 pace, because I was pretty sure I could make the last 1.2 miles. One last scare at mile 26, felt hamstrings start to tighten up. "Great" two tenths of a mile from finish and Im not going to make it. Turned out ok, and I had a good kick at the end to close within a couple seconds of a co-worker. Final time was 3:10:45. I don't know where that puts me over all. Last year it would have put me 7th, but this year I believe it will be some where between 15-20th. Good Times. Preliminary race results will be here:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Which is it?

Parking or No Parking. Took this picture out at work.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


You know your thrifty (a cheap ass) when you drive your Hummer to the
Goodwill store.

Parking 101

Thanks alot. FYI, I'm on the right side.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where's my truck?

Came across this trailer which was missing the truck on my way home
from work. Apples everywhere. I only had one chance at a picture. I
didn't want to be to obvious taking a picture because the sheriff was
right there. You can see him in my side mirror.