Saturday, January 31, 2009

2x6 bumper

I love woodworking and automotive repairs, so when I saw this I could not resist taking a picture. I just wished whoever did this dandy of a repair would have used a nice cherry stain and some clearcoat.

Fresh Air Ride

Its nice to get back out on the road again. I had to try out the cold weather gear that M got me for my birthday (thanks A,M). When I left in the morning it was 36 degrees. I got about a mile down the road and turned around. I had to find a wind breaker because the wind would just cut right thru me.
Once I got the proper amount of clothing on, I was off to my favorite hill. Once at the base of the hill I couldn't remember why I liked it so much. I just wanted to take it easy up the hill since it was my first time out for the season. I got about 100 yards up the hill and I quickly realized that I had way to many clothes on. Oh well to late now. Long story short, made it to the top 1 minute faster than last year, not that I was even paying any attention to the time, but it was a good first ride.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Final Table

Well I finished 7th out of 40 some players. I played pretty well till I got to the money. I always play like a (not smart person) when I get to the money. Good Times

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Disturbed Concert

Devin gave me a ticket to the Disturbed concert for my birthday, so I met him and his friend Jesse before the concert. We had heard that if we wanted to be on the floor we had to get there early and get a special wristband that they were only giving out about 3000 of them. We ended up getting there about four hours early. We took turns waiting in line, then a couple of my friends showed up so they took turns as well. This is a picture early, later in the evening the line was huge. It wrapped all the way around the parking lot and beyond.

We ended up getting the special wrist bands and I made (pushed) my way to the front and center of the stage. I did not see anyone I knew for the rest of the time. I was at the rail for the entire 3 hours of the concert. I think I got elbowed and squished a few hundred times, but it was worth it.

David Draiman lead singer of Disturbed

Disturbed, "Inside The Fire" video

Disturbed drum solo video

40th Surprise Party

Ok, lets just say Michelle got me this time. I asked M if we were doing anything on Friday, she said no everyone was busy so we were going to go out to dinner on Sunday for my 40th birthday. I thought that sucked, and was a little pissy. I couldn't (and didn't) believe M had not planed something, even just dinner for us two. As it turns out everyone was in it but me.

Rick had me down at the race shop for a couple hours. Then I went for a ride along with Brian, well actually Tony (i think). Brian was actually off duty but Karen and Rick had talked him into giving me a ride that night (all part of the plan).

This was our first victim. Speeding, 43 in a 35 zone. It was funny, the officer told me that he had asked the driver if he knew why he was pulled over?

The driver said, "Yes, because I wasn't wearing my seat belt."

The officer said, "Yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and you were speeding."

The officer ended up letting him go on a warning.

I then switched and rode with Brian. Right away the dispatcher called about a noise complaint. So Brian headed out of town at a high rate of speed. I was thinking this was going to be good. I said I hope its not my house, because we were headed down my street. Sure enough we past my house and the driveway was full of cars. I put two and two together. I told Brian we can come back, lets go to the call first. I guess that was made up as well.

Brain told me we could go out next Friday night, so I will take him up on that. So I will post that later.

lots of friends and family came over and had a good time eating, drinking and playing racing games up stairs. Here is the cake M had made. Coconut filling, SOOOOO good.

Thank you to everyone who lied and deseaved me.......

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 40th

I never thought I would be getting a ride in this type of car on my 40th birthday, but I did. More to come on this later.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kids Building Project

The kids had a great time building this shelf for their playroom. If anyone has something that requires alot of nailing give me a call, they are available to work for cheap.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Motorcycle Races

It was boys night out, so Kole and myself, Rick and Trace went to the Tri-Cities to watch some indoor motorcycle racing and stunts. It was fun and the two boys didn't fight once (I think that was a first). We got to see some good racing, stunts, and some nasty crashes. One guy landed over a tabletop and must have been off balance and cranked the throttle wide open for about 15 yards and slammed right into a wooded fence. I thought he was a goner. He eventually got up and walked (stumbled) away, I believe everyone walked away so that was good. The guys doing the back flips and stunts were crazy as well. They made it look so easy, and they all landed safely.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Big Win

My first iRacing win. Its not as easy as I thought it would be. I just happened to miss a couple wrecks and ended up in front.
My good luck didn't last long, because I raced rick the next race and spun myself out. Oh well, GOOD TIMES.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Found a great use for these stupid racing chairs I've built, its called Rick and Scott have had theirs hooked up for a few weeks, and have been racing well. I have had some issues trying to get mine working. I had to take the desktop computer from the closet that was being used for something else and move it into the game room closer to the projector. Upgraded the video card and thanks to the 16 year old kid at Best Buy for the help. The game is definitely a blast to drive. You actually get a little nervous before and during the race. Its not like my PS3 games where you just drive around and ram into people. This one credits you on safe driving as well as finishing well in races. If you hit the walls slightly you will notice your cars handling go down the drain. You can even talk to others drivers, they usually are telling me to move out of their way, or calling me not very nice names.
So far I have just been trying to make laps and stay out of the way and finish the races to improve my rating.