Sunday, August 31, 2008

Front yard sprinklers

Just installed 15 of the 20 front sprinklers, so I'm having a silver bullet and celebrating. Not to far away from green grass. This is much better than going to a Sammy Hagar concert.

Saturdays ride

Had a good ride on sat, only 78 miles. Doesn't sound very exciting when you have rode a 100 miler the weekend before. Rode into the wind the first half, it sucked (or blowed, whatever you prefer). The return trip home was much nicer, we were cruising a few times about 25 to 27 mph.
18.5 average MPH
78.3 total miles
4 hours 14 minutes ride time

Sammy Hagar

My brother thought it would be fun to text, call, and send me pictures of the concert he and his wife went to on sat night. I was outside digging in the dirt putting is sprinklers. He said he would have a beer for me (since they were free and unlimited), that made me feel a lot better. Apparently they had backstage and on stage tickets to see Sammy Hagar and others. I guess this was one of the views they had.

Kendall is pretty Handy herself

Kendall was helping me install new brake rotors and pads last night.

Kole is Handy (almost TuHandy)

Kole was fixing our little bench. I didn't know anything was wrong with it but its fixed now. He's kinda like dad, does his best work in his underwear.

Motorcycle repairs

Spent last week fixing a couple motor bikes for a guy at work. One was a 1981 XT250 and the other was a 1979 mini trail 70. They had not been started for about five years. Ended up draining and cleaning entire fuel systems including carbs. I only had the week to work on them in my spare time. The mini 70 was a bitch, I pulled the carb off three times to clean the hardened syrup out of it. Anyways got them running good enough for him to ride the trails and look for elk to shoot.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paterson Hill

Had a nice little ride up Paterson hill yesterday. From the base of the hill to the top is only 2.8 miles and looking on google maps it appears to be a 800 ft climb. I know it seems a lot steeper looking up at it. It was a very windy afternoon and I think that helped going up but wasn't as fast as I thought coming down. The wind was blowing the bike all around (little nervous) coming down. I think my max speed was only 36 mph. The picture doesn't show it but nice view from the top of the hill looking into Prosser. And a shout out to all the nice truckers that gave me plenty of room while I was going up and down the hill.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camping in the Prosser National Forest

our friends Rick and Karen went camping this weekend and I was looking forward to go with them but we have not got the fifth wheel de-winterized and had a lot going on, so we did some camping at home. We pitched the tent in the back yard, filled up the air mattresses and made some popcorn and of course camping is not complete without dual screen dvd player for the kids. Kendall said she wants to do this again. I can't wait to go to bed, I think I could sleep on a pile of rocks tonight.

Anyone up for a 100 miler? Sure........

Arrived at Jarred's house at 6 am and took off shortly after. A little chilly in the am now days. Guess I need to buy some cold weather gear like everyone else had. It was a nice 37 mile ride around Prosser, then we took off and did the 72 mile ride like last week. I and I think everyone felt much better this weekend due to the temp being 10-20 degrees cooler. 100 miles is still a good jaunt but I felt pretty good. The last 12 miles we all kinda got split up, we had some breakaways and flat tires and me all alone climbing the Prosser hill into the wind all alone. I thought about getting off and throwing the bike down the canyon revean but decided to keep trucking along in 3rd gear. Who knows 200 miles in one day?????? Whatever...........

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

sprinkler valves

Well I got the valves all tied in today and tested. Everything seemed to work fine. I have not hooked up the sprinkler heads yet, will wait untill I get some trucks to bring in topsoil.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

72 mile bike ride, good times

A quick stop in Mabton on the way back home (mile 55). I was close to throwing in the towel because Dannelle's mom was there with the truck, she brought us more water and "samiches". I decided what the heck, its only 20 more miles. I dont know how these guys (and gal) do this all the time.

Well I made it back to Jarred's house and we had a little powdered refreshments thanks to Hammer Nutrition. Good stuff.

Bike computer,

18.0 average speed, actually was 18.3 but who really cares (me)

72.15 total miles rode today

4 hrs ride time

Jarred back tire

This is what I have to see for the next 11 miles. Thats ok with me, just means I can try and stay alive for the last few miles. Thanks Jarred. By the way its alot harder to text on a bike than in the car, I better go for now before a cop sees me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

100,000 miles

100000 miles and still going strong (knock on wood).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Layin some pipe

Sure enough had to bring in the big equipment to finish the trenching. No problem for the backhoe.

Sunday I got about half of the pipe in the ground. Michelle and Kendall were helping clean out trenches and I was doing the piping. Monday I stayed home to finish the piping and fixing the main water line I broke two times. Had Tom, Tommy, Nick, Warren, Michelle, Kendall, and Kole all helping me finish by filling in the trenches. I left the front trenches open so I can run some wire for the sidewalk lights. Once thats done and the ditches settle and some backfill brought in, I will be ready for some instant grass, cant wait.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well I started trenching today for the front yard sprinklers. I have been dreading this for a long time because I remember how bad the back yard was. Let's just say we have some nasty rocks around here. I was very surprised how nice it was going at first. Very easy going, not many rocks at all (Ist pic). Then, rock hell, I managed to bounce the trencher and myself along and got decent depth. One spot I will have Warren come over with backhoe and dig out for me. I was just able to scratch the top surface, maybe a inch (2nd pic). That was after I ran over my main line for the sprinklers not once but twice, nothing a few couplers and some digging won't fix. Tomorrow I will fix main line and start Laying my Pipe.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well leak

We got back from Minnesota on Monday and I noticed that there was some wet soil around the well house. I just assumed that the dog took a leak, didn't think much more about it. Later that evening after my bike ride I put the dog away and went to the well house to feed him. I noticed a slight water hissing noise and it sounded like the frost free spicket was leaking underground. I took the frost free spicket apart and everything appeared good, but when I turned the well back on I could still hear some kind of hissing. During this time I noticed the soil around the spicket was soaked, definitely a leak somewhere. I turned off the well for that evening and the following day until I got home from work. I ended up digging out a small hole down (pic) to the pipes (pic) and found that the nipple coming off the well casing had a pin hole in it (pic) (pic). Dug some more, saw-zall old nipple, went to Ace got two nipples and a union and its good to go (pic). Just have to fill in the hole once I know its not leaking anymore. Also may move the water spicket outside away from the well casing so when the spicket drains it will not run down the side of the well casing and contaminated the water (a prior health inspector mentioned).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Flight home

We left our hotel room at 4 am this morning to catch our 5 am flight. Our flights were pretty boring, no excessive praying and chanting from other passengers, like my brothers flight. The kids were tired to say the least. Kole actually slept the entire 2nd leg (3 hrs) of the trip. He slept thru the takeoff and woke up for the landing. Kendall slept for a couple minutes. But now she is sleeping on the drive back home.

Old Slusar Homestead

This was Grandpa Ernie's mom and dads house. Ernie did not live in this house but his parents had lived there before he was born. It is located just down the street from uncle John's and Ernies current houses.

Grandpa Al

Kendall, Jack, and chance riding around with grandpa. Oh by the way the golf cart was already damaged before Kendalls little mishap (a previous post). Kole must have been hanging out with his new (girl) friend, Hope. Kole had a big crush on her. He would always ask, "what's her name?". And then a couple minutes later, "what's her name?". His memory is as good as mine.

Sunday Demo Derby

Sunday we went to the fair to watch cousin scott in the demolition derby. He had won the grand finale derby a couple weeks earlier so there wasn't much left of the car. He said he had a couple good hits left in it. It was a good time and if I would have gave him a couple more days notice he said he would have had time to get me a car together. Oh well, next time. I think Kris and I should make that happen.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Canad Inn

Kendall and kole in front of the Hotel (or Inn, if you prefer). The hotel had a indoor water park. This is the second hotel we have been to that has had a indoor water park. Was very fun for the kids. This one did not have the wave (surfing) machine but was still a lot of fun. The kids room had two sets of bunk beds with their own tv and playstation. The rooms that had the bunk beds were themed. The kids theme was a country landscape with a castle painted in the distance. These rooms also had a view of the water park. I wasn't sure if the people in the park could see into our room, later found out yes they could. Oh well, next time I won't stare (as much). I kid, I kid.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lots of farm machinery

The kids especially Kole enjoyed looking and getting in some of my uncle's and grandpa's tractors. I took the kids for a ride on a road grater. It was pretty cool, lots of levers and fast. I was instructed to not do any grading of the gravel roads. I don't know if the roads didn't need it or if my uncle didn't want to fix my screw ups. I just assumed the roads were all in top notch condition so they didn't need my grading skills. The kids on the Ford 9680 and Kole standing in one of its wheels. Kris and Kendall sitting on one of the John Deere's.