Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boat troubles

We went out on the boat this afternoon for ohhhh, let's see, a couple
of minutes. The boat has a red oil/water temp light on and it will not
rev past 2500 rpm. The strange part is that the oil pressure and water
temp guage both show perfect. Oh well, something else to work on in my
spare time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Office cubicle

I had a extra couple of minutes at work so I thought I'd improve on my cubicles privacy/security. So I installed a door with a omni lock and window.

Before (without door)


This is not a real door. I thought I had to throw that out there, because apparently some of my readers dont understand my sense of humor or miss important details (you know who you are). This is an old poster board that I taped a handle and window to. So far its working, my boss didnt have a code to get in.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hwy 241 Fire

Just drove by some houses that are very lucky to be still standing.
The center picture is of a house that was just built a few months
ago. I also drove by the Silver Dollar restaurant and unfortunately
there was nothing left of that place but one partial rock wall.
Hopefully no one was injured. Washington DOT was still working on the roadway
in one spot, but the road is open.

Aquaman Duathlon

This last Friday a couple of us competed in the Aquaman Duathlon. The race cosisted of a 2 mile run, 1/2 mile swim then a 3 mile run. When I say a couple of us, Im referring to Missy, Petr, and myself. If there's water involved you won't see Aaron or Garth anywhere besides the shoreline. Actually after this so called race that's not a bad idea. What's to say besides there was a great turnout of people. I still dont understand why. This is not fun, especially the swim. But there was a good turnout, I would guess approx. 164 finished.

Missy ran and swam well, finishing 4th overall for the women. Petr had a great finish, thanks to his two solid weeks of training to get ready for this race. I on the other hand have really nothing good to say, besides the run segments were good and I had a chance to talk to a nice guy on a kayak. Aaron got to see the joy in my eyes when I finally got out of the water. I was VERY VERY happy (right, Aaron?).

One more race to go. The big one, the one I've been training for all year. Titanium Man Triathlon on September 5th. (1.5k swim, 40 km bike, 10km run). I can't wait, twice the distance to swim.

You can look at the results here if you want.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Supplemental lighting

The only light in the mens bathroom at work has been out for over a
week. so I took it upon myself to install some supplemental lighting.
It works and everyone is happy, especially the janitors, because it's
hard to aim in the dark.
It's not as easy as just changing the bulbs. The ballast is bad so
they have to write some safety plan and then a lock and tag plan, ect.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Poker / 20 yr reunion

I'm at M's 20 yr class reunion, luckily it's at a casino. Good times.

BMW 328i cam sensor

Well got the cam position sensor in with no problems, well kinda. It
was time for an oil change so I did that first before the part
arrived. I was removing the oil drain plug and it broke off inside the
oil pan. Oh well, no big deal. Removed the broken plug and got a temp
replacement from the Napa store. By that time Fed Ex arrived and I
was able to put in the cam sensor. It makes it easier (more room to
reach under the intake to get the electrical connection loose) if the
top of the oil filter housing is off.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vehicle maintenance

I was casually driving home from work yesterday and not one but two
check engine lights came on. So I slowed down a little and made it
home to scan for codes. I had a P0430 code, which basically said, cam
position sensor circuit malfunction. Ordered new one and new seal for
under 100 bucks with two day ship. The car is running ok at idle and
low speeds but is a dog at higher speeds or going up a hill. Basically
has no power, when you step on the gas it's gutless. Should only take
a couple minutes to put it in.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mid Summer Triathlon / Duathlon

Team Tweekers went back to Fairview Or, to compete in the Mid Summer Tri and Duathlon. We had a couple changes on this trip. 1st, Missy participated or should say dominated the Female Triathlon on Saturday. Finished 5th (1:15:53, no need to remember that time, just forget about it) out of 388. 2nd, Rachel did the tri it Triathlon. Everything the same as the sprint Triathlon but with the swim being 1/4 mile long. No wetsuit needed for her, no big deal just go out and swim 1/4 mile with hundreds of other people around you. I did not get to see da ladies but they did very well. Here are results of Sat race (Aug 1st).

Then the guys raced on Sunday. Garth and Aaron raced in the duathlon as they did last time. Of course it was a 1,2, finish for them. Garth finishing 1st and Aaron 2nd overall.

I had a goal of 1 hour and 15 or 16 minutes to finish the Triathlon. Last time we came down here I finished with a 1:21:06. I have been working on swimming alot since then so I was hopeing that my time would be better. I finished with a 1:16:03 (excuse number 112, I got lost in transition #2 and it cost me about 30-40 seconds). Everthing was pretty much similar to last race except I was able to swim 5 minutes faster. I am still not even close to swimming at a normal or decent pace but its getting better. I ended up finishing 23rd out of 219 finishers, and 7th out of my age group. By the way, my age group sucks, or actually is really good. Four out of the top five were in my age group (40-44 yrs old). Oh well it gives me something to shoot for. Results here for Sunday race (Aug 2nd)

M took this picture of me relaxing before my race. Actually I was just making sure I could float.

Yes, out of the water, finally. Nice cap, I know.

Transition pic

Aaron ?
Yes, Its all over
I took this picture after the race was well over, just wanted a pic of these nice wheels on my bike (thanks Missy). Then I noticed the nice bike behind mine, with the basket carrier on the rear. There were all types of bikes from garage sale bikes to $10-$12,000 ones.
Sure theres room for one more bike in there. Well maybe not, fours enough.