Thursday, July 31, 2008

Automatic toilet seat protector

Wow, I thought I was up on all the latest electronic gadgets. Guess not, I took the little one to the restroom after we landed in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and found this. Kole was a little confused when the clear plastic came rolling around the seat. Need one at work.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kole and Kendall on the ATV's (Oh Boy)

Kole went out this afternoon for his maiden voyage on his new atv. He actually did really well. I like this one better than the first one we got for kendall. This one has the same remote kill but also has remote start. So when I see him doing something wrong I can kill it and then calmly explain what he needs to do different, and instead of having to walk all the way over to him and start it up, I just push the start button on the remote. I guess one day he will learn to pay attention to were he's going but for now he's happy looking at the butterflies or his shadow while he's driving. I'm sure he gets that from his mom.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday at the Movies

Saturday night was movie night at our house and finished installing the larger screen earlier in the day. Got lots of complements about how clear the movie was and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Afterwards we played the PlayStation 3 and brought the equipment in at 2 a.m. The movie was pretty good (Mr Magoriums wonder emporium), I sat for a little holding Kendall, but other than that didn't really watch to much. I was busy walking around looking for people making out or causing a ruckus and thinking about how the next one was going to be better. Had a good turnout, I would guess 40-50 people. Lots of popcorn, Rented a popcorn popper.

Koles 4th Birthday

Kole had a nice birthday party and was very excited he received lots of cars, trucks and spiderman gear. He also got his own helmet because he would wear devins (slightly damaged/wrecked) helmet all over. Oh and also got a new atv like his big sisters.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movie Night Practice

Spent the day Fri. building a 7'x16' screen for movie night with help from Ronnie and Warren. Devin and I tested it out Friday around midnight. The 7x16 screen turned out nice after changing the color of the screen (bed sheets) two or three times. Anyways, I was satisfied till we started playing one of my racing games and moved the projector back another 10', now we can use the whole side of the shop, basically a 12'X25' screen. The second picture is showing on the 7x16 screen and then also on the side of the shop with no screen. So off to Home Depot for some large painters drop cloths. 1st picture above is the small 7x16 then the 12x25 screen. Check out the door into the shop on the left side of the display to get an idea of the true size. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Specialized team toupe seat

Wow what a difference a nice seat makes. Just got done with a quick 18 mile ride (still getting used to the whole riding thing) and this seat felt great. Doesn't look like there's much there and there's not. Weighs in at approx 150 grams. Hopefully no more, (have I mentioned I have a dodge "HEMI" truck). Anyways I was very satisfied with it.

Motorcycle Wave

I have always been puzzled by the motorcycle wave. I followed these two guys from work for about 25 miles and of course they did the extend the hand out to the side wave. I'm pretty sure they did not know the other 6 or 7 bikes they passed but they waved. I consider myself a pretty nice and friendly guy but you don't see me or other cars rolling down our windows and waving at every car that drives by. Even when I pass a similiar make and model car as mine. I have had my motorcycle endorsement for years and rode a street bike, but don't remember anywhere in the manual that states I should wave at every bike I come in contact with. Our state just passed a law in which I can not hold a phone up to my ear while I drive, and I have four wheels (for safety reasons they say). I'm thinking maybe our state will make it illegal for motorcycles to wave at each other. Just my thoughts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Nice sunrise (nothing funny about that). Noticed this week that the sun is just rising when I leave the house for work. Before it was up in the sky a ways. I guess pretty soon I will be leaving in the dark again.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dodge Durango radiator

Also Saturday was radiator replacement time for the Durango. We had done a emergency flush last week sometime due to overheating and also replaced the t-stat. There was a bunch of slime all over inside. Then had a professional perform another flush the next day. He suggested that we get a new rad, I thought let's give it a try and see if the flush got most of the slime out. Apparently not, so in with the new radiator. Last picture is of the top of the radiator with the top tank removed. Still pretty much clogged.

2004 VW8 4 Motion Passat

Friday and Saturday I replaced drive axle, front brake pads. No major issues except that the front tires were worn down to cords on the inner part of the tire, and the rotors that someone ordered (not me, right Aaron) were not the correct ones. Took car to get alignment sat. Morning and 4 brand new tires and all is good.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

BMW 328i

Last day or so I noticed my breaks making a different noise and didn't feel like they were stoping like normal. It wasn't a metel on metal noise but just a new noise. Anyways I pulled the wheels and noticed the rotors look like they have hot spots all around them. The pads are basically due for replacement. I didn't even measure the rotors I can tell they are thin and now hot spotted.
When I had it up on the lift I noticed the lower control arm bushings I just put in a few months ago are starting to crack a lot. I upgraded to the M3 bushings but will not buy from the same company next time.

Front Yard

My plan this weekend was to start trenching the front yard for the underground sprinklers. But something came up that stopped me from doing anything to strenuous. Did I mention I love our Dodge "HEMI" truck. Anyways, its pretty much all marked out and ready to go. I was planning on seeding the front yard but there are so many weeds and alfalfa that keep growing even after I have sprayed four times, that I am going to look at what it will cost the lay sod (like we did in the back yard).

New Bike

Aaron was up in Spokane this Saturday and called me because he found a bike that I had to have. Aaron and his brothers, friends, wife and others are really into road bikes and I was his next victim. I had been riding my mountain bike for approx a week straight and enjoyed the exercise, but had to admit its a lot of work the move a 31 pound tank down the road at any kind of speed. Even the local dogs could keep up with me, thats why I pack pepper spray with me now. Anyways I did not want anything fancy so Aaron found me this bike, I think at Wal-Mart for $210.00. It looks like its more expensive that it really is. I have not rode it yet due to a "private" medical condition from the earlier weeks riding. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks Aaron.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

UFC Fight Night

Went to Ronnies house for the UFC fight. First we had to eat. Luckily I did not eat that day before I got there. The pic does not show the size of these correctly. Let's just say the burger was almost 1lb and there is 1/3lb of bacon on each, and a few pieces of cheese to hold everything together. I decided after eating that I would need to go on another bike ride the next morning. Oh by the way the main event was great. Forrest Griffin won over Rampage Jackson, great fight.

4th of July

Had a great 4th. We went over to some new friends and had a great BBQ and some fireworks. Fireworks in Prosser are illegal so it wasn't us that were lighting them off. Then we were able to all sit in the yard and watch the city firework show from a distance.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A/C new cluth

Installed a new (used) a/c cluth for Ronnie. Could not find a used clutch by itself. New one cost $125, we ended up buying a used complete compressor for the same price locally. All is good for this 2001 honda civic.
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Kaitlyn and Kendall

The two most beautiful Princesses in Prosser.

Our little Princess

Kendall did very good today at the pageant. Her friend Kaitlyn won the Little jr Miss prosser title.

Oh by the way nice car in the background. Not sure how that got in the picture?

Getting ready for the Pageant

Kendall getting her hair done before the Little Jr Miss Prosser Pageant. Kendall and her friend Kaitlyn are going to be in the parade and then have the pageant.

Celebrate old-fashioned Fourth of July These young ladies will by vying for honors of Prosser Little Miss and Little Jr. Miss during the community pageant on Friday, July 4, at City Park.

BMW 540i

This BMW had some wierd electrical issues. Pretty much everything in the dash was not working, lights, tach, speedo, gauges, ect. The blinkers worked on the outside of the car but did not light up in the dash. A/c worked sometimes.

The owner took it to a repair place and they said he needed a complete new dash. The owner was just about to call the local BMW stealer when I jumped in.

I told him that I would fix it. I did a little research and found out that this is not to uncommon. I ended up disconnecting the battery for a while (at least 5 minutes) then hooked it back up and everything is back to normal.

Indoor Water Park

Our family went to Kellog Idaho with Rick and Karen and thier kids to this great water park. Kids and adults had a great time. Would like to go back in the winter for some skiing during the day and some swimming and surfing during the evening.