Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Morning

Nothing says Good Morning more than almost hitting four horses on your
way to work. Just a couple miles down the road I found these big
fellas. luckily when I came by they were off on the side of the road.
I turned around and thought I might be able to get them to jump back
over the fence. No luck. Went and knocked on door of house where I
thought horses belong. As I'm waiting for someone to answer the front
door at 5:30 in the morning, I'm watching cars fly by and at the last
second hit thier brakes. I thought for sure there was going to be a
collision. Finally told the guy who came to the door and he seemed a
lttle confused or still asleep but headed down with a flashlight.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prosser Balloon Rally

Just getting ready to watch the balloon rally. The six balloons are
just starting to be filled at the Prosser High football stadium.
Apparantly there are 28 balloons in town for this years rally.
Balloons not really my thing (missing a motor) but really neat to see
at night all lit up. Only lasted a couple of minutes, it was getting
a little windy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Indian Summer Half-Marathon

Had a great time running the entire race with Aaron. I told him to go ahead and take off since he's faster but he kept giving me some lame excuse about just wanting to finish. It was fun running and B.S.ing with Aaron the whole way. Well fun for the first 10 miles. Then I had to put both earbuds in and tune everything out. Apparently we were both doing ok, because we were gaining and passing people the last 5-6 miles. Apparantly we ran mile 12 at a 6:05/mile pace.
Missy of course was the first female to finish. Great job...
Race results here:
Oh, and you might have noticed that Aaron finished 9th and I finished 10th (5 seconds back). Well thats kinda funny because we both finished at exactly the same time at a near walking pace. Aaron was apparently slowing down to let me finish ahead of him. He apparently had seen my post about the Fiasco in Pasco race where his brother beat me to the finish line with a strong sprint at the line. I saw Aaron slowing down so, I slowed down, anyways we crossed the line at the exact same time. But of course I'm one place down on a Lind again. Oh well, Good Times.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Running on Empty

Thats how I feel this morning after working a double shift at work
Ok, I'm pushing it this morning. I guess I will get some fuel before
I start my 50 mile daily drive. I looked at the cars display that
shows your range in miles untill empty and all it showed was ---- , so
I assumed that meant feet and not miles. Wish I had a bigger tank,
seems like I'm allways filling up with gas. I really can't complain
because it gets about 28 mpg with me driving.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Wish my friend Aaron was here.

Crab legs

Dave loves his crab legs. Enough said.

Denim & Diamonds

Well, I just won the first live auction of tonights activities. I'm
not sure what I bid on but I won it for $500. Good times.

Prosser Soccer

It's soccer time again. Kole had his very first soccer game on
Thursday. He did very well, I think he was on the ground more than on
his feet, but he was def not shy or scared of the ball. Go figure.
Kendall is an old pro at this soccer stuff. She had her first game of
the season this morning. She is playing up a year on the U-9 team.
Kayla is on the same team so we get to see the Linds. The other girls
are a little bigger but she did very well. I was refereeing the game
so was able to assist. I am not coaching this year due to the fact
that they didn't need any coaches by the time I signed up, so kinda
wierd not to be coaching.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Titanium Man Triathlon

Titantium Man Triathlon results here: http://www.milliseconds.com/participants/final_list/overall/141817

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nice wheels

Tomorrow morning is the Titanium Man Triathlon. It's an Olympic
distance tri compared to the sprint distance triathlons I have done,
basically it's twice the distance. I'm really looking forward to it,
especially the one mile swim. At least I'll have a nice lookin bike to
ride when I eventually get out of the water. Thanks M.

Found it

Well, I figured it out with a little help from the Internet and I used
a phone a friend. It turns out that the oil pressure switch was bad.
Went to napa and found a replacement and $11 dollars later, were good.