Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Weekend

Very busy weekend of fun in the sun. Spent Friday and Saturday out in the boat. The weather was great, in the upper 80s -low 90s. Water is still a little chilly, I think its was about 55 degrees. Kendall and I jumped in a few times, I dont know why she did, but I did out of necessity. Once I jumped in the water it would take your breath away, so it made it hard to do what you needed to do. We ended up not going out on the boat on Sunday since it is the day of rest.

So we ended up going to Hermiston for a 40 mile ride. Aaron, Missy, me and the new member of Team Tweekers, Greg went on a little ride. I was assuming we were going on a standard 20 mile ride like normal. Until I saw Aaron loading up will all different kinds of Hammer Nutrition supplements.

Here is a nice little group photo of Aaron, Missy, Me, and Greg. Oh by the way, I really like the Jersey that Aaron just got. I forgot to ask him where he got it and how much. I just know I could never afford one that nice. I wish I could find something like that on sale somewhere..............

Greg is new to this cycling thing, but he is not like must of us. He is some professional, collegic (is that how you spell it?, oh well), multi scholarship winning, athletic, freak of nature. Thats a complement and the truth. I think this was his second time out on a road bike, and he's already able to do 40 miles like its nothing. But wait, he's not riding some five thousand dollar plus machine, oh no, hes on a borrowed bike. The bike has been named "Purple Thunder". And if you can zoom in on the bartape, those are skulls your seeing, This bike is a 1988 Dave Scott Centurian Iornman machine. Back in the day this bike was the S*%T. This bike kicked my butt this afternoon.

I had a flat today. No big deal but I think I jinxed myself because I asked Aaron minutes earlier if he's had many flats this season. I had the only spare tube, so it was a quick fix. Well it should have been. I got a little winded trying to pump up the tire with the little pump so Aaron offered to help. Well lets just say he got a little aggressive with the pump and broke the schrader valve off in the pump. We called M who was watching all the kids and she was able to come and save us, with a new tube and lots of water. Thanks dear....

Myself and Aaron just cycling along. Good shot of Aaron, not so good of me. I look sick, actually I think I had a small case of heat exhaustion. I did not properly hydrate yesterday on the boat, and I payed for it today. Started getting the cold sweats and then the last 4 miles I stopped sweating. Good times.

Man, this post seems long, Blah, Blah, Blah, I'm done.

Paterson Hill

Just so I dont forget. I set a PR for my favorite ride up the hill, 12:35. If I didn't write it down I would forget it.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Nothing spells relaxation after a hards day work like mowing the pasture.

Top 5

Ok, just got home and thought I'd let you know how it went today. Lets just say that swimming's for losers. I hate it, I suck at it, and I dont want to do it again. Soooo. I got that off my chest.

I managed to swim like a normal person for 1/3 of the swim and then flipped to my back for the last 2/3's. I wanted to quit so bad but I really didnt want to be dragged back to shore by a kayak. Luckily the wet suit saved me big time. I was able to float and just paddle on my back. I know I was zig zaging down the course because everytime I fliped back to my stomach I was way off course, so I had to readjust. By the time a made it to the end I was so happy, I didnt even care that I was one of the last to exit the water.

I transitioned well and got on the bike and did what I expected, passed alot of people. It made it very fun to have alot of people in front of me, so it gave me something to chase down. I believe I finished the bike in about 12th position.

The run was as predicted as well. I felt good (well kinda) right off the bike and was able to run a 6:30 something average. Kinda like the bike portion, I just picked people off one at a time. There was one group that was running together and all three of them were in my age group (40-49) so it was nice to get three for the price of one.

I ended up having a good day. It definitely started off very bad. I know I need to do some swimming and have someone show my how to.

It will be interesting to see the split times, and see how slow I really was in the swim. I will post a link to the results here .

I wasnt able to get many action pictures, but heres a couple of me on the run and bike. And no I did not take my phone with me on the swim.

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it.

This is so stupid

I can't believe I'm doing this. Just get me out of the water quickly.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

got 2 tri ?

Well I guess I'm going to Moses Lake on monday (Memorial Day) to try out my first triathlon. This is a sprint Tri, so the distances are shorter, so short that my daughter could probably do it. I figured I had to start somewhere. Oh by the way, not sure about the swimming part. I can't remember when the last time I swam more than the length of a pool. Oh yea, never. I'm planning on going out in the new boat on saturday so that will be a chance for me to see if I can actually swim and try out the new wetsuit. I told some of my bestest friends, the ones who got me started in this mess to come and have fun with me. Its been a few days since I've heard from them, weird.......

Monday, May 18, 2009


Made it home with a follower.

Modern Technology

I'm going to throw this piece of S#*T out the F"#*ing window. Sorry. So I'm heading to Portland and this thing decides that it wants me to exit the freeway at the bridge of the gods exit. I have nothing but time so I give in. All it did was take me all the way thru the little town and right back onto the freeway. I still owe this thing a good smashing from a camping experience a few years ago.

Mt ?

Yes, its Mt. Hood

Headed to Portland

Just took a pic of this hill/mountain thing on my way to Portland. Since my last post I've done a little more searching. I really liked the last boat and really liked how well it was taken care of. I found almost the exact boat in Portland. Same make, model, engine, hours, colors, but 4 yrs newer and comes with more extras. All for about the same price. I'm preparing myself because I don't think the condition will be the same. We will soon see.
Also never been this close to a "wind machine" or turbine. They are huge.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I made a guy a full price offer on this boat and we shook hands. We were suppose to meet up after work today and go for a little ride and exchange money on Monday when the banks were open. I just got a call from the guy and he said he's backing out of the deal. His family is apparently now upset about selling the boat. I told him apparently a hand shake between two men does not mean anything anymore. I am soooo pissed..........

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Huntin Rock Chucks

The rock chucks are getting thick out here so it was time for Kole to learn how to shoot.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love is in the air

Thank you Missy and Aaron. The kids are staying at their house tonight. Kole has been begging to hang out with his best friend Anders forever,so tonight he got his wish. Kendall went to stay as well. That leaves M and I to rekindle the flame tonight. We are going to start at P.F. Changs for dinner, and go from there.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Ok, its been a while since I've had one of these segments. This one is easy.

Yes, thats a cow with a plastic lawn chair stuck around its head. I couldnt resist making a U-turn and getting a picture of it. I'll check the chairs status tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recovery Ride

After a nice duathlon day on Saturday the group of us decided to go on a nice little 40 miler. Missy, Denelle, Dennis, Jared, Aaron and I had a good ride, well up until someone had a flat. Actually wasn't a big deal and Jared learned how to use his CO2 cartridges. Good thing we had an actual hand pump. It was a nice afternoon for a ride and the wind actually was at our back on the way home.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fiasco in Pasco Duathlon

Ok, I guess I have to post something about the duathlon. I know theres thousands of TuHandy Fans out there waiting on the edge of their seat to see this, so here we go.

I wish I got a few shots of the bikes in this transition area. Lets just say there was some very nice bikes sitting on some not very sturdy racks. It would suck to have one of those racks fall down and slam the winners bike to the ground, but that could never happen.

Here's a couple runners finishing their first 5K (3.1 mile). Note the time above that cool looking dude, 19:55 pretty impressive for a true cross-country course. This course was on sand, gravel, grass pathway with lots of small or large hills.

I dont have any pics of the bike portion of the race. I was hoping that I could get some from some of the fans that came out to watch Team Tweekers. Thanks to all of them for the support because I know it helped me continue to get thru that stupid ordeal.
The above picture is of one of my so called coaches and I finishing the race. Aaron unfortunately had some type of running injury that he had to finish the last three miles at a near walking pace. Now back to the above picture. Garth and I caught up with Aaron basically right at the start of the 2nd 5k. Thats when we learned he was not doing so well. Garth and I basically said, "see ya, sorry about your luck but were out of here." Garth and I ran the rest of the race basically stride for stride, well all but the last few hundred feet. I remember saying something about us, Team Tweekers finishing 1 and 2. I had envisioned something like both of us crossing the line with the same exact time. Nope, our 6:30 avg pace went to a 5:30 avg pace the last few hundred feet. Thats ok, When I tell people I placed in the top 11 overall it sounds the same as saying I placed in the top 10.

This was the bling I got for finishing 1st in my old age group (40-44 yrs).

Here is Missy (finished 2nd overall for da ladies) and Garth showing off his 2nd place (30-34) award. Race results